Voga discount code

voga discount code

in different countries of the world. In order to break into Vogga's chambers you need to prepare yourself before dancing for him.) In the cantina, walk up to the group of dancers on the left side of the room. Catgories, vous tes ici : Accueil les Marchands, vous trouverez ci dessous la liste des marchands o vous pourrez trouver en cliquant sur celui-ci un code promo, une rduction, un code avantage, un code promotion, un bon de reduction, un code reduc, une reduction pour. You can use force persuade to convince one of them to jump off the nearby ledge. The Docks, entertainment Promenade, after landing on Nar Shaddaa inform the winged creature who hassles the group about the parking job that you work for the exchange. You will see a man passed out on the floor. She was the woman living in the Refugee Commons. You will use this item when you accept the dancing mission which begins in the Cantina. A Twi'lek named Domo will ask you to help him find dancers for Vogga the Hut. You can save the girl without gaining light side points, and gain experience for completing the quest.

Influence - Kreia, there will be a man begging for money close to where the thugs were standing. In the room across from this one there is a container filled with items. The importance of this character is that he allows a maximum wager of 500 credits. This little trick will earn some dark side points. To the right of him is a Twi'lek named Borna Lys. At the entrance walkway to pylon two there is a computer console.

voga discount code

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