Regional transit connection rtc discount card

regional transit connection rtc discount card

date. Stored Value Pass allows one-way rides on all WestCAT Local Fixed Route and Express buses. People unable to negotiate the steps of a bus can request to have the bus lowered or to use the lift to board, with or without a wheelchair. Clipper Web/discounts/ Clipper is the all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area, and in limited locations you can use it to pay for parking. Passes also available on Clipper cards. If you need to use more than one bus to get to your destination, ask for a transfer when you leave the first bus. .

Free travel training is available to help passengers new to transit, or those with physical or mental challenges, to become self-sufficient when traveling by bus. The card entitles you to a reduced fare on fixed-route transit, rail and ferry. See more information on the, paratransit page. Clipper Web/ Regional Transit Connection ( RTC ) Clipper Card The RTC Clipper card is a version of Clipper created for passengers under 65* with qualifying disabilities. Card, getting Started with, clipper, how to Use Your, card. AC Transit, Soltrans, etc.) employee and dependent passes are not accepted on any of WestCATs routes, with the exception of bart employees and dependents. If you tag your second bus within the appropriate time frame, you will be granted your transfer.