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qualities of your original image. Open your image in Photoshop and. Select the blending mode to soft light or hard light and then adjust the opacity. Finally add a new adjustment layer for Black White Layer New Adjustment Layer Black White Now use the sliders to get the full range of Black and White tones, paying special attention to maintaining detail in the white highlights in the trees, while making sure that. Its easy and it gives you far more control of your final result. But its important to have this separation because you need the sky to be dark, and youll want the foliage to be light, if not pure white. You will have to adjust these to suit your image but it will create the classic graininess and glow of film infrared photos. Infrared Image with a Gradient Layer Added.

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Overcast skies detract from the image, leave things without enough contrast, and very flat. Now, back on your layer, drag your mouse to get the gradient on your image. . Open your image in logan paul shop discount code Photoshop, go to, image Auto Tone. This is a quick and dirty method for getting the classic infrared look from your captures. Remember your History palette in case you want to go back a few steps. Updated on July 9,2018. Post your infrared shots too. Play around with these settings until you have something you like. However you may want to further process it to add more WOW and impact.

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