Storry tell rabatt

storry tell rabatt

he will try this game again. There is a prickly plant! He waits as much time as it takes for the lorry to be full. Eddy draws his house and his garden, too. May be this will be the last time around.

The lorry has finished his part of the job thank you very much, lorry and good buy! She start to drive down the road and she scatters the asphalt as she goes. . He draws the roof, the door and two windows on top. She has a lorry full of asphalt that can be used to fill all the cracks and holes on the road. What has he done? . The steamroller is strong and heavy and big. There are so many colours and all of them nice. He saw it yesterday.

The lorry is approaching the hole. The steamroller driver has finished its job and Eddies dad  can continue to drive. . Hell use the shovel to dig and lift the sand from the ground until the lorry is full to ready for another round. It held all the shapes where Eddy thought they belonged. He has to look somewhere else. What a damaged and bumpy road!

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