Knittingroom rabattkod

knittingroom rabattkod

st slip stitch, r1-14dc in a magic ring, change color.

R6-Sl st to the 4ch 1hdc 3dc 1hdc in the 4ch, 1sc in sc* repeat. I hope you enjoy my coasters pattern. R5-start with the yarn between a dc-group.

R4-4-dc between every dc-group, change color. R3-3dc between every dc-group. R2-2dc between every dc (1 group) change color. Cut the yarn and fasten all the threads. For Easter Its a perfect time to mix and try some different colors mix that you normally dont do, so dive into your yarn basket and start crochet Easter coasters! Fi Använd rabattkod : millan i kassan.

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